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Best Buy’s eBook Reader Selection

I stopped in lower Broadway Best Buy this morning to see if they’d made any changes to their eBook area. They’ve added the Kindle. They also have a new Sony Reader display — but it was a very weird trio of demo models: PRS-300, PRS-600, and a non-working Daily Edition with the new interface (PRS-950?).

I didn’t take photos of the top shelf with the demo models. The real action is below that, in what’s being stocked.

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Apple’s New iPad Ad In NYC Chinatown



I don’t know exactly when they changed it, however.

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In Search Of … Rubicon Locations #3

Despite AMC-TV leaving us in limbo with respect to Rubicon, I continue my quest to photograph locations that I can find from the series.

This post is a mixture of more than one episode.

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