TV/Movie: Random Quest/Quest For Love

Ah, another discovery on YouTube.

I first encountered the short story Random Quest, by John Wyndham, in its 1971 movie incarnation. It was called Quest for Love and co-starred Joan Collins.

After the break, a last-decade made-for-TV adaptation of it.

The opening of this is rubbish, with a crap synth score and a very inappropriate song slathered on (there are other irritating songs and cues littered throughout too). But stick with it. It’s more faithful to the original story than the movie, so if you ever read the story, the differences won’t be much of a shock.

Unfortunately, I thought the BBC’s was a very emotionally flat version, more interested in being disinterested and all po-mo. They couldn’t take the story seriously and milked it like a teat for paychecks.

And now, the opening of the very rare movie, Quest for Love:

If you ever get a chance, see that one. It’s delightful.

Just before posting, I decided to search for a DVD version once again, and lo, there’s finally one!

Quest For Love at Overstock
Quest For Love at CD Universe
Quest For Love at Movieberry as digital download/stream

I will finally be able to upgrade my antique VHS tape of it.


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One response to “TV/Movie: Random Quest/Quest For Love

  1. Rhia

    Quest for love now finally available on amazon uk and at HMV

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