Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: OMA ROM Available

[ RK3288 ROM ] Insignia Flex Elite LP 5.0.2 custom root firmware (2015/08/08)

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There are bunch of screensnaps there I won’t reproduce here. Go to the post for that excitement.

I just want to caution everyone that this might not be final. Dan EE reported a problem:

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Still, it’s very encouraging that OMA has gotten involved and created a new firmware.

Let’s see if everything works out.

Will OMA’s ROM let all apps see the microSD card? Will the card still need to be formatted to NTFS? Can the Xposed Framework be loaded for multiwindowing?

And on the hardware side, will that microUSB charging port soon fall apart? Will the battery balloon? Will it suddenly and mysteriously stop charging altogether, as some China tablets have done?

And can the damn screen brightness be lowered from its still-too-bright lowest setting?

Over the Best Buy listing for the tablet, there’s now over ten reviews with comments.

And over at the Insignia Support Community, people are posting about the System Update app failing (there’s really no update available, it turns out) and are up in arms over Netflix not working. I still think the Netflix problem is related to DRM. DRM always ruins things.

Interestingly, people there also mention the very long bootup time. I experienced that at Best Buy myself, last night. Rockchip once boasted about the fast bootup of the RK3288 (unfortunately, I can’t find my post or the video). But here’s the catch with that: The tablets were running Android 4.x. The Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 is using Android 5.x — and it seems in a very, very unoptimized state too.

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5 responses to “Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: OMA ROM Available

  1. E.T.

    That was quick!

  2. Roger Widner

    Best Buy is promising an update that will fix the Netflix issue is on the way. Rumor is it will also improve battery performance.

  3. Sam

    It now works with Netflix as I have one. Not sure about this custom rom though.

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