iPad Mini Clone Onda V818 Mini Gets Firmware Update


Apparently the Onda V818 Mini went on sale a day or so ago in China and a firmware update (weirdly mislabeled as an SDK) has already been issued.

Cleaning up an awful Google Translate text that remains ambiguous in spots:

1. Boot speed increased by 30%
2. Faster screen rotate
3. optimized JPEG decoding
4. Faster app launching(?)
5. Lower system sleep power consumption
6. Various camera improvements
7. Increased support of Broadcom AP6181, AP6210, Realtek RTL8723au chips
8. Enable 3D video playback (red and blue filters)
9. Comprehensive GPU driver update
10. Various tweaks, including video playback improvements

I’m still waiting find a comprehensive review of the Onda V818 — or even a report of someone buying it. And as far as I’m able to determine, there haven’t been any user videos (or even promotion videos!) posted about it in China. It’s not helpful that Sina Weibo — their Twitter — doesn’t work with Google Translate, but it’s happy to plant a cookie on my drive to show me my prior search terms when I return(!).



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2 responses to “iPad Mini Clone Onda V818 Mini Gets Firmware Update

  1. dyazpo


    Did you found any feedback on this V818 , i want to buy this tablet but nothing on the web for a review

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