New Ramos K1 Tablet To Break iPad Mini Clone Mold

I love the look of the HTC One:


Seriously, that is a gorgeous design. I think even Apple’s Jon Ive must be impressed.

Too bad HTC killed all chances of me ever buying one by not including a microSD card slot.

I’ve looked at photos of it and imagined how great that would be as a tablet design (with a microSD card slot included!).

Well, the people at Ramos must think just like me.

Because their upcoming K1 high-end tablet looks just like the HTC One turned into a tablet!

In two advertorial posts with “exclusive” (ha! ha!) photos [Google English and Google English], we are treated to our first glimpse of this new tablet:





To remind everyone, this was the original pimping Ramos did:


It’s due to be announced tomorrow.

But don’t get your hopes up.

This is the clue that it’s probably nothing but heartbreak:


That 4K icon is a 4K Video Player that’s exclusively bundled with AllWinner A31s-based tablets.

In other words, it looks to me as if Ramos is creating a drop-dead gorgeous lust-o-riffic tablet and killing it with a weak CPU from AllWinner.

I hope I am wrong.

If any tablet cries out for the Rockchip 3188 CPU, it’s this one. Chuwi, Vido, ICOO and the rest wouldn’t have a chance up against a design like that coupled with the Rockchip 3188. And the K1 is supposed to have a 5,500mAh battery too — just like the ICOO Fatty 2. Talk about endurance!

We’ll all know the truth and full specs tomorrow.

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5 responses to “New Ramos K1 Tablet To Break iPad Mini Clone Mold

  1. yeahman45

    bezel looks huge…. i like htc one design and like you hate that i does not have an sd card slot nor a removable battery but this design does not look suited for tablet…

    • mikecane

      The blur of the photos plus the black background of the screen make the bezels look larger than they actually are. We’ll see better images tomorrow.

  2. Mikestroh

    Where are the Full HD tablets in the 8″ scale. I fail to understand why everyone are followers and not evolutionary.

    • mikecane

      Not even Apple has put out a Retina iPad Mini yet. That’s who has to do it first, for there to be such a screen in the pipeline and for prices to drop enough for clone makers to use it.

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