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Chinese CPU Maker Actions Caught In AnTuTu Score Fraud

There’s been a raging battle the past few weeks in a Chinese forum accusing CPU maker Actions of modifying its platform version of Android to fraudulently report its AnTuTu score.

Today those multiple forum threads reached the level of news with a post at 1Pad. At post time, Google Translate would not render the page into English, so here’s the original Chinese.

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Chuwi Moves To USB Charging

It’s not until Chinese buyers get tablets in their hands that some things are revealed [Google English].

Such as Chuwi moving to USB charging with its new V88HD model. This is what’s in the package:


A rather short USB-to-AC port cable.

Although that solves Chuwi’s ongoing problem with its AC adapter, it leaves users scrambling to find the right USB charger.

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404: CPU Not Found

In a post hyping tablets for a local holiday, 1Pad makes this Fatal Error [Google English]:

Click = big

How I wish!

But the Ramos K1 has the Allwinner A31s.

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