E FUN Unveils iPad Mini Clone

iPad Mini clones are starting to escape from China via other brands.

First there was Archos. Now comes E FUN.


This will have the usual 7.85inch screen at 1024 x 768. But what kind of screen? IPS is not specifically mentioned even though their prior eight-inch tablet had an IPS screen. An unspecified 1.6GHz Cortex A9 CPU (do I dare hope for a Rockchip 3188?). Internally there will be 1GB of RAM and a miserable 8GBs of storage. But it’s also just US$129.

This could be the iPad Mini clone for people who never wanted to risk ordering one from China. That’s if the screen isn’t entirely crap.


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4 responses to “E FUN Unveils iPad Mini Clone

  1. yeahman45

    design looks pretty good… only 1gb ram? if there’s sd cart slot, 8gb might be just enough

    • mikecane

      Yeah, there’s a card slot. But if you believe HP, Android stopped allowing apps to be on SD cards with a version of 4.x. I don’t know if that’s so. But if you were going to use it as mainly as a reading device, all the books could go on the card just fine. The same for videos or any audio. Let’s see what battery life and screen are like, though.

    • mikecane


      EDIT TO ADD: I typed that too soon. That’s not something I’ve read about because it’s a new 9.7-inch tablet (I thought it was a prior model!). I see Amlogic touts it scores 30,000 AnTuTu, but I have to wonder about the real-world experience. So far I haven’t seen anything out of China that boosts the RAM throughput to the level of a Retina iPad. Since my disgust with China’s overall cheating, I haven’t been paying attention to anything other than the few iPad Mini clones still dribbling out — and ignoring all the 9.7-inch tablets.

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