Teclast P98 3G Gets A Review

Take note: This is the P98 3G, not the X98 3G. The X98 has a 64-bit Intel Atom CPU that can use Windows 8. The P98 has an octa-core MediaTek 8392 and is Android-only.

ATTENTION: This is the same CPU as the CUBE Talk9X. If you’ve been thinking of buying that tablet, you should especially read this review!


The review is at PC Online [Google Translate].

Recap: The new Teclast P98 3G 8-Core has a 9.7-inch Retina-class screen, an octa-core MediaTek 8392 CPU with a peak frequency of 1.7GHz, 2GBs of RAM, 16GBs of internal storage, microSD card slot, microUSB port (OTG), 2MP front and 13MP back cameras, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, 8,000mAh battery, and SIM card slot for 3G (China-compatible with limited compatibility in Europe and probably none in America). Android 4.4.2 with the tUI skin. There is no HDMI-out port but there is Miracast.


Aside from the shell styling, this is just about the CUBE Talk9X (minus the IGZO screen).

Unlike CUBE, this is what Teclast is claiming as an AnTuTu score:


That’s 30,000-plus.

Now let me connect the dots here so that you understand that’s actually AnTuTu being cited.

This says “AnTuTu 4.4” below the score:


In Chinese, “AnTuTu” is translated into English as “Security Bunny” (ever wonder why it has a rabbit for an icon?). So we pop “security bunny” into Google Translate to get the Chinese characters (which are the same in Simplified and Traditional):

Click = big

Here’s the Chinese from Google Translate close up:


Now we put them together so you can compare:



So what did this tablet score? It has the MediaTek 8392, which CUBE insists scores 40,000-range in its Talk9X!




Now that is a honest AnTuTu score. It’s in line with what I’d expect from the tablet version of the MediaTek 6592, the 8392.

So, to swerve back to yesterday, let me reiterate about the MediaTek 8392-based CUBE Talk9X:


Anyone still wanting the CUBE Talk9X, now you’ve seen its real AnTuTu score — thanks to Teclast.

Here are the AnTuTu spec screens:



The review says the screen is fine but I wonder about banding shown in two of the tests:



But those could be expected properties of those tests, because there’s no banding here:


But it’s not clearly stated if the P98 3G has a full 24-bit screen or if it’s just 18-bit. Further reviews are needed.

As for the 13MP back camera, the samples posted weren’t full size. Here are some:




The reviewer says of the camera:

P98 rear camera uses 1300W stack camera, American OV camera, support continuous focus tracking shot, smile shot and some other column functions, the image is very alarming. I shoot landscapes, still life, screen, and other proofs macro photos, photo quality is very good. Photo no noise, low color, high contrast, high sharpness, color differences apparent reduction in place, the dark can automatically optimize photos; no color stripe pattern, the scene can be shallow depth of field Macro background blur when shooting screen. Needless to say, this is a classy, ​​excellent lens. Unfortunately, no rear camera with flash, night shooting will be affected.

While it sounds good, I would have liked full-sized sample images. Perhaps another review will include those.

Playing video, playing games, viewing web pages, and GPS all worked well. But I must note the game tests did not include the usual suspects such as Asphalt 8 or Call of Duty.

A full battery rundown test was not done. They extrapolated from certain use to come up with a life of eight hours when playing video. While the reviewer says the battery is just 5,000mAh, Teclast says it’s 8,000mAh:


That’s 2,000mAh less than the CUBE Talk9X, by the way.

While it all sounds like a good tablet. It should do Google Books PDFs slightly better than the iFive Mini 3GS. But it’s not for me. I really want the Rockchip 3288 with MultiWindow Android.

Previously here:

Another Teclast P98 3G Model: 八 核


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6 responses to “Teclast P98 3G Gets A Review

  1. Rúben

    First thanks you for bringing the truth about Cube Talk 9X. I was deciding between 3 Tablets Galapad Galaz A1, Cube Talk 9X, and Pipo P1.
    The Galaz is pretty much out of the equation because some review i read said it gets realy hot (like 51ºC).
    Now after knowing this about the cube tablet i also dont want it (i dont like companies trying to trick me, even if the tablet is not so bad).
    Now i just need to wait for a review on pipo to see if its any good, and if its not… well guess i aint gonna buy anything

  2. Cube Talk9X ANTUTU….

    It’s not like Teclast as you can see

  3. Why choose the P98 over the X98.. ? It would appear that the X98 is more flexible (Android or Windows), and has similar performance. Any thoughts?

  4. Stefaan Tack

    My cube talk 98x has only 2 GB for primary apps even though they speak off 16 GB ROM. How much space is there for primary apps on the Teclast P98? My Cube is broken and that 2 GB ROM keeps me from buying a cube again.

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