Jolla Tablet Raises US$1 Million (So Far)


There are tablet makers in China who would break out champagne if they had an advance order of US$1 million.

I’m really hard-pressed to understand what’s going on here. Do people like Sailfish OS that much? Is there such an untapped desire for a different iPad Mini clone? Does Jolla have a reputation that warrants this level of trust?

There’s a lesson here for tablet makers in China. I just don’t know yet what it is.

Previously here:

Jolla Crowdfunds iPad Mini Clone



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8 responses to “Jolla Tablet Raises US$1 Million (So Far)

  1. vijay

    Why don’t you but one and find out?

    I did.

    The reason is simple. They are giving people what they want. An iPad clone with an SD card and FREEDOM from Google.

  2. Chad

    I have a feeling it isn’t going end well.

  3. Robert Jasiek

    Presumably there are these major reasons for the success: a convincing design and the Sailfish OS promising a combination of GUI simplicity, bloatwarefreeness and security. iOS and Android lack convincing security, Android often has a bloatware GUI. Windows is not perceived simple and still for many has the 1990s reputation of being unsecure. In conclusion, people want a device that looks nice, simply works and is secure by design. They hope to get it with this tablet.

  4. vijay

    Oh and I forgot default root access… So I am in control and not some big corporation.

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