Nokia N1 Reservation Page Active

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It’s at ZOL [Google Translate].

There are rumors the price will be 1,499 yuan (about US$240). That would be 200 yuan more than a 16GB Xiaomi MiPad, its closest competitor in terms of quality.

Will the Nokia brand name trump the lack of microSD card slot and lack of HDMI-out?

Two of the key points of this tablet are the Intel Z3580 CPU and the reversible USB-C port. Some will also argue on behalf of the Z-Launcher but is that anything other than the kind of customization already done by companies such as Xiaomi (MIUI), Teclast (tOS), and Onda (Onda ROM)?

The Intel Z3580 is part of the Moorefield platform and I think this is the first tablet to use it. ZOL has been pimping that fact in its propaganda on behalf of Foxconn/Nokia to justify a high price relative to other Chinese tablets [Google Translate].

But how compatible will it be when it comes to games? That’s been a sticking point with other Intel Inside tablets.

AnTuTu scores haven’t been leaked yet. We might have to wait until January 7 — or even beyond — for that.

With its lack of microSD card slot, I still see this as a hard sell (it seems so far only Google has been able to get away with that, with its Nexus devices). Foxconn/Nokia at least brought the introduction date forward from February. But it’s unknown if full sales will begin then or actually in February. Within weeks, there could be pre-emptive announcements of tablets from others with the same Intel CPU.

It’s going to be interesting to see if people at XDA Developers get their hands on this tablet and what they can do with it. I still think if XDA Developers can get Windows running on it, the Nokia N1’s popularity will get a big boost.

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The link goes to the ZOL reservation page.

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5 responses to “Nokia N1 Reservation Page Active

  1. vijay

    No Micro SD. No way. I have been burnt too often being forced to upgrade because I ran out of storage. And I am talking phones with 32 gigs on board.

    Here is the thing. I get that micro sds are shitty and slow memory and ruin the user experience…Actually I don’t get that because computers run fine with microsds on board and plenty of Samsung phones are fine too.

    Its a cop out by Google. They are the new big blue. (ok the whole 1984 thing was before I was born, but I know the story).

    Fuck Google, Fuck Nokia, Buy Jolla!

    • Google seems to have relented on the card storage issue, even if they don’t provide such slots in their own machines. I think Samsung and others provided some pressure — along with many screams from Android users and developers.

      It’s been rumored that the larger iPad Pro will have a card slot of some kind. It’ll likely be just for media — photos and video — but it’s a start. Jailbreakers will probably add lots of functionality to it that Apple otherwise denies. Or so I hope.

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  3. Mike,
    The Z3580 is already found in the Asus/KDDI MemoPad 8 AST21 and will be in the upcoming Dell Venue 8 7000.I have tested both with AnTuTu but they don’t score as high as your N1 post mentions.

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