Onda Engineer Q&A Weibo

An Onda engineer answered questions on Weibo about the new V919 3G Air Core-M tablet.

I’m publishing all of the Weibos.

Weibo regarding heat:


Weibo regarding Remix OS upgrade:


Weibo regarding dual-OS switching:


And the link goes here for a download.

Weibo about the possibility of a V919 3G Air Core-M with a 128GB SSD:


If that’s not clear: At first, the engineer let slip that there might be such a product planned but was overruled by someone else at Onda who steered the person to the V101w and V102w tablets.

Weibo about SoFIA and Cherry Trail CPUs:


Weibo reply (without question) about the power of the Core-M:


Weibo again about Remix OS:


Weibo about Remix OS upgrade:


Weibo about dual-OS BIOS:


Weibo about Core-M performance, previously published separately here:



Weibo about the power of the GPU:


Weibo reply (without question) about the SSD versus eMMC:


Weibo on a technical issue I have no clue about:


Previously here:

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