Very Odd Doings: Archos, Barnes & Noble

These things probably aren’t related at all, but they seem very suspicious. And probably only to me, but here goes.

A few weeks ago, J&R listed the upcoming Archos 70 and Archos 101 Internet Tablets on its site. I signed up for emails to tell me when they’d be in stock. About a week after that, J&R sent me a strange email stating they were pulling the listings, had no idea when these would be in stock, and could provide no further information. They’re still not listed at J&R.

And it’s usually Amazon that has very early listings of Archos devices for pre-order. But this time Amazon has nothing.

Now comes this very strange rumor from CNet about Barnes & Noble to announce a color-screened Nook next week.

Well, Archos would not be above licensing a run of its tablets to Barnes & Noble here. It’d probably ensure many more sales than if it was under the Archos name.

Stranger things have happened: HP once sold the iPod.

So I wonder if these two things are connected? Nook Color is the Archos 70 Internet Tablet with a B&N badge?


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5 responses to “Very Odd Doings: Archos, Barnes & Noble

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  2. Nah…

    I hope we all use pixel qi soon. Backlights don’t mix with reading.

    • mikecane

      Pixel Qi does not seem to be gaining any traction. It’d be one hell of a surprise if the B&N Nook Color had a Pixel Qi screen! I hadn’t even thought of that — duh, obviously.

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