False Profits For False Prophets

Of course it was never going to happen.

Here’s your Cheat Sheet for main points of Biblical prophecy:

In a world of chaos, one man will stand up who won’t take any shit.

He will form a movement that will sweep the world.

This will usher in peace and plenty on Earth that is entirely unprecedented in human history.

People will have near-immortality as death itself will seem to have been conquered.

Just as things seem to be going so well — well enough that even the Very Elect of God could be deceived — something happens and it all falls apart.

Seven years of unprecedented suffering occur and at the climax of it, just when weapons of total destruction are about to be set off to wipe out what remains of humanity, Christ will return.

You don’t hear all that from so-called preachers because they can’t understand the damn book they con people into thinking they can interpret. Nothing I’ve written up there is not in the Bible itself.

I’ve read that Camping has over one hundred million dollars of wealth and/or assets.

Jesus — which isn’t his name, either — would never know that guy.

And the only people who could be deceived by this current miserable world are those too stupid to think.

Carry on.

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