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None of Us Knows What We’re Doing

Here is the truth. None of us knows what we’re doing. We are all just winging it. Yep, that’s right. Even Fortune 500 CEOs, Nobel Prize winners, and U.S. presidents — all are really good at winging it.

There are days I sit here in a crumpled heap because of the overwhelmingly uncertainty of basically everything. Every variable has branches that have tinier branches that then have leaves …
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Just Wrong: Apple Supports Windows XP Over OS X Tiger Users

Apple upgrades leave bitter taste

It seems we have been left with gadgets we can’t use, unless we pay more money for a software update. To make matters worse, I and many others have been told we must track down and buy the update, called Leopard, which is not only hard to get hold of (Apple’s UK retail stores no longer stock it) but expensive (£120 new on Amazon). I suspect what Apple wants us to do is throw our hands in the air and go out and buy a new computer (one of its own, of course).

Oh my god. I so understand what all of you are going through.

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Blog Change: RSS Widget

I noticed a lot of people hitting the home page here today.

I’ve had RSS since the beginning, but maybe people haven’t seen it in the long sidebar.

So I’ve moved it to the top. Now people don’t have to hit the home page several times during the day, as I used to with sites before I started using RSS via Firefox Live Bookmarks.

There. Now relax.

By the way, there’s also subscribe by email, but I don’t recommend that. So it stays buried in the sidebar.

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Waiting For Google, Kobo, And HP To Wake Up

That’s from the e version of this week’s Staples sales flier.

No one can walk into a store and buy a Google, Kobo, or HP gift card.

That needs to change.

A Google Gift Card could be used for all paid Google services, such as Android Market, not just Google eBookstore.

Kobo needs gift cards out there in case Borders goes away.

And HP damn well needs a gift card for their App Catalog and all those digital services they intend to tie into their upcoming webOS devices.

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Forget It, Jake. It’s Chinatown.

August 3, 2010: Barnes & Noble Is For Sale: Amazon Should Buy It

I was raked over the coals for that.

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