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The Collapse Of The E.U. Begins

Greece Considers Exit from Euro Zone

Moreover, should Athens turn its back on the common currency zone, it would have serious implications for the already wobbly banking sector, particularly in Greece itself. The change in currency “would consume the entire capital base of the banking system and the country’s banks would be abruptly insolvent.” Banks outside of Greece would suffer as well. “Credit institutions in Germany and elsewhere would be confronted with considerable losses on their outstanding debts,” the paper reads.

Greece has since denied this report.

Which, given past Greek denials, means it’s absolutely 100% true.

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TV: The Shadow Line, Episode One

No spoilers ahead.

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Astrid Cruz Torments Me

All week my emailbox has been filled with things like this:

Just got myself a Nook Color (very cheap because I’m buying it off someone that bought it and never used it).

Getting all things together for rooting it!

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NYPL Celebration Creates Protest

A History of the Library as Seen Through Notable Researchers

See the Comments for the unexpected objections!

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But Could It Have Been FOUR Million?

Random hits 2m e-book sales

Random House has hit the landmark of two million e-books sold in the UK, with other leading publishers reporting a first quarter “explosion” in digital sales.

E-books currently account for 8% of RH’s overall sales, with Lee Child, James Patterson and Jo Nesbø its biggest-selling authors in e-books. The publisher is now selling e-books at a rate 10 times greater than at the same point in 2010.

The post-Christmas eBook device explosion leaves a footprint.

These are first-quarter sales, which should now reflect the fact that Random House was using the Agency price-fixing model.

That’s when The Girl With the Dragoon Tattoo went from around $5.00 to $7.00. And all their other books went up too.

I protested this. I wonder if others did too.

So my question to Random is: Had you not increased prices, might you have been looking at even bigger sales?

Previously here:

Tell Publishers Why You Didn’t Buy A Book
More About Pricing [with backlink list]

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Amazon Display Problem In Firefox

If Amazon’s site looks like this in Firefox …

Click = big

and you are using the AdBlock extension, disable AdBlock for Amazon and then Amazon will display properly.

I put up with this for the longest, stupidest amount of time before Googling it today. Got the solution in less than five minutes. DUH!

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