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I Am Against Book Revisionism

Every writer, without exception, hates looking at their earlier work. (“Earlier work” can be as late as the last book or the pages written yesterday, but in general I mean books with a good span of years since their original appearance.)

I understand this.

But the book is what it was.

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Writer Christopher Fowler Gets A Sony Reader

Going Off-Page

Transferring files is not instinctive, and requires that you create a library, register for Adobe and log onto your chosen store – three contradictory steps.

The Derelict Library

So I tried other ePub sites, and got as far as paying my money only to be told that the rights to my territory were restricted – sort it out, UK publishers, you’re losing money from willing readers!

Welcome to the shit people have been putting up with for years, Chris!

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I Hate Instagram

Now I don’t have to do a proper rant about it. This guy sums it all up perfectly.

“Take a Photo; It’ll Last Longer”

By doing so, we’re missing the point: the flaws we so deliberately recreate were never intentional and never wanted. The fuzzy glow and odd colour-shifts were to due limitations of the film and processing techniques used; they’re accidents, not a part of the photo. Previous generations would have given their eye-teeth for the clarity we so casually disregard.

OK, I can’t resist, dammit.

Look, just stop it. Stop using that damn thing. The filters suck, they’re annoying, they make you look like an ass, and years from now you’ll wonder what the hell you were thinking that you went and ruined a perfectly good photo like that.

Just stop!


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That Photo

Click = ginormous

I saw it last night in Flickr and was thinking about posting it.

What finally caused me to — despite the fact it’s all over the media now — is Rex Hammock’s post: Why the White House situation room photo is so powerful

He touches upon many things I noticed too.

One thing he didn’t mention after the break.

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Amazon’s Tablet Will Have A Six Inch Screen

Reports from today:

Digitimes: Quanta receives tablet PC orders from Amazon, say upstream sources

Engadget: Amazon tablet shipping later this year according to new tattle

CrunchGear: No Improved Displays This Year, Says E Ink

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