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Post-Holiday Weekend Orientation

I said I didn’t intend to do much.

What was posted:

Movie: Privilege (1967)
Doctor Who: The Almost People

Grrrrr…. Hulu Plus
Movie: Signs Of Life (1989)
The Girl With The Crack Cocaine Movie Trailer

Four Years To The Day: Asus Announces Son Of Foleo
Writer With Aging Brain Blames Internet
Shot By Shot: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Red Band Trailer
No PDF Reflow In New Kobo eReader Touch

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No PDF Reflow In New Kobo eReader Touch

Not that PDF reflow actually works well, but still. People expect certain things.

I guess instead of fielding complaints about reflow not working on non-reflowable PDFs, Kobo will field complaints about the lack of PDF reflow. They can’t win.


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Shot By Shot: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Red Band Trailer

I think this is Sony being viral. I don’t think this was shot at a screening theater. I think this was taken off a super-HD TV/monitor.

I’ve seen this probably over twenty times. It’s a masterful work of editing and whoever did it, I salute you.

My curiosity got the better of me one viewing and I started to count the cuts. I was amazed. Then today I got all anal and ran it slo-mo in VLC and snapped each cut. I didn’t go after key frames, so some might be murky. And I hope I caught everything. I did this only once.

Let’s count the cuts together after the break!

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Writer With Aging Brain Blames Internet

Writer urges Internet junkies to ‘switch off’ and think

Like tens of millions of others, US technology writer Nicholas Carr found the lure of the worldwide web hard to resist — until he noticed it was getting harder and harder to concentrate.

So he flails around for a reason and — ta da! — it’s the Internet.

Put up or shut up, Carr: Are you taking a statin medication?

If so, it’s not the Internet. It’s your brain being de-cored day-by-day.


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Four Years To The Day: Asus Announces Son Of Foleo

It was May 30, 2007 when an out-of-touch innovator named Jeff Hawkins unleashed his latest creation upon the world.

It was called the Foleo and was billed as the “first smartphone companion.”

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