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Holiday Weekend Schedule

Basically, come back Tuesday. I’m unlikely to have any big number of posts here.

Tonight I discovered that I can use Hulu with Firefox again. And then I looked at the list of movies. There are things there I want to see:

H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer
The Mindscape of Alan Moore
Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters
Signs of Life
Wings of Desire

All but the first two I’ve seen before. But most of them not for bloody decades. So it’s time to see if this formative material holds up and if I can still see in it what I saw in it ages and ages ago.

I doubt I’ll get all seen in the next three days. Even the best of video is draining to watch. Three hours is really my upper limit in a day, even though things like Forbrydelsen and Persons Unknown pushed me past that. Plus, Doctor Who pops up on Saturday, and I should watch that and do a post.

To whoever is in charge of Hulu: Why the hell isn’t the original Kung Fu series up? I don’t need all the episodes. Just some from the first season will do. I could do with a series with a humble main character who winds up kicking some evil ass. It’s inspirational.

Update: Most viewing has been cancelled. See this post. Still, come back Tuesday. This doesn’t change my determination not to do a bunch of posts this weekend.


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See Different

You Are Solving The Wrong Problem

Ah! Reminds me a lot of the work of Edward de Bono!

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TV Series: King, Episodes 4 & 5

Spoiler inside.

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TV: The Shadow Line, Episode Four

No spoilers ahead.

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Strange New Bible Translation

The Chronicle Project claims it has discovered a structure in the Old Testament that uses a scheme called Self-Defining Hebrew.

The hebrew language, was originally believed to have been a combination of other older languages, which evolved into the hebrew dialect.

The breakthrough in our understanding began with the concept that rather than an evolved language, it might be exactly as it described itself, the language of God.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

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Sony Reader: The New Clie

At one time, Sony was a licensee of Palm OS. It created a high-end line of PDAs under the weird name of Clie (KLEE-ay, which non-techies would say as KLEE).

Palm’s own PDAs had 160×160 screens and were monochrome. Sony’s initial PDA was just like that, but more expensive. It was innovative in that it had a storage slot and a JogDial for one-handed operation. But they saddled it with a Memory Stick slot — a storage format that was Sony-only — instead of Compact Flash (SD was not yet created).

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Kobo eReader Touch Hits FCC

Nate had it first: Kobo Touch clears the FCC

Like the new Nook Touch, the details for this are under a confidentiality agreement.

Nate doesn’t have the FCC label.

Location of WiFi antenna:

Which is described as:

The antenna is printed antenna without antenna connector.

And the code name:

FCC link


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Memo To Howard Stringer: RESIGN!

Sony Chief Stringer Blindsided by Hackers

Since most users of PSN don’t pay, and most threats focus on stealing credit card information, the theft of passwords and other personal data from those services appeared less likely, Stringer said.

“We have a network that gave people services free,” Stringer said. “It didn’t seem like the likeliest place for an attack.”

When the April incursion first started, he didn’t know how serious it was, Stringer said. “I really don’t think I could apologize for not knowing,” he said. “It’s a whole new experience for everybody at this scale.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Right there. Right there is why this guy should either resign or be drop-kicked the hell out of Sony.

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New Nook Touch Hits FCC

It’s all wrapped up in a 90-day confidentiality request, so no external photos, no internal photos, and no user manual.

But you can see the label placement:

And it has a great code name:

And those wondering about landscape mode:

Regarding the model BNRV300, an electronic book reader, we hereby attest that this device can only be used in a lap held, portrait position. No other orientations are supported by this device.


FCC link

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