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The Kindle For PC 1969 Bug

As I reported earlier, since I got the latest version of Kindle for PC, I could no longer sort my books with By Most Recent.

Moments ago, I had to use the software to download some freebies I had queued up.

Well, I got curious and decided to pop out of the icon view into list view.

And that’s when I saw what the problem has been.

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Delusional Windows Fanboiz

Today I laughed at just how bad a Windows-based slate was in its review and the MS fanboiz jumped all over me.

With friends like those, who insist there is nothing really wrong with Windows for touchscreens, who needs enemies?

Then again, perhaps they’re just following the Let’s Ignore Reality lead of Steve Ballmer, who can be seen in the video after the break defying what’s right in front of his face.

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World Upside-Down: Amazon Wants Borders?!

Rivals to Allies: Is Amazon the Secret Bidder for Borders?

People howled with ridicule and flung abuse when I said Amazon should buy Barnes & Noble.

I guess Borders is a better deal because it’d be cheaper?

What everyone is forgetting is this: Amazon would then own 20% of Kobo. That’s what Borders owns.


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Editor For webOS 2.x

I got a press release in:

Tamoggemon releases Editor for webOS

Palm’s webOS devices can be used as USB sticks – loading text files, html pages and all kinds of source code onto them is easy. But once the text is on the box, it stays there – editing it is impossible.

Tamoggemon Editor is the first text editor for webOS. Use it to work with all kinds of plain text files while on the go – all webOS 2.0 devices are supported.

Editor is fully multitasking capable. Open multiple files in cards, and switch between them effortlessly like you would switch between applications.

As a bonus feature, Editor also supports a flexible Find&Replace facility which makes bulk changes of files really easy.

The product is available on App Catalog as of this writing. A single user license costs 1.99 USD.

Screensnaps after the break.

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See Different

How to Think What Nobody Else Thinks

In 1954 the British Government held an auction for commercial television regions. Many companies were interested in bidding for the franchises. They analysed the demographics of the regions to identify which were the wealthiest regions that would produce the most advertising revenues. The result was that they focused on London and the South-East of England. Sydney Bernstein was Managing Director of a small chain of cinemas, Granada Cinemas. He wanted to compete in the auction. He told his people, ‘Don’t look for the richest region, look for the wettest. Find me the region with highest rainfall.’ This turned out to be the North-West of England. Granada bid for this and won it. Bernstein’s idea was that it was better to have a region where it rained so much that people stayed in and watched TV. He succeeded by approaching the problem from a different point of view. He thought what no-one else thought.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I’d like to know who it was at Apple who thought, “Why can’t I just scroll a list on a screen with a flick of my fingertip?”


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Video: Insane HP Veer Test With 34 Open Apps!

I really expected the Veer to crap out at about 10 or even 12 Cards.

Instead he managed to get thirty-four open before the Veer complained!

And he could still play Angry Birds with everything open!

Can you imagine what a frikkin multitasking monster the HP TouchPad will be if this is what the dinky Veer can do?

Video after the break.

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Yet Another Frikkin YouTube UI Change

Click = big

They do this like every 4-6 weeks, change the way things work.

“Hey, all that stuff you just learned? Unlearn it! And if you liked the way it worked, found it actually convenient, tough shit!”

Meanwhile, I still can’t:

1) Save Searches
2) Be notified of new results to those searches
3) Categorize my Favorites (I have to use Playlists! WTF!)

Hey, YouTube! Remove head from ass. Put in useful things.

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Batman: What Have I Been Missing?!

Remember my Holy Shit! List?

This seems like something that might wind up on it: Deconstructing the Complete and Utter Insanity of ‘Batman: Odyssey’

Just look at this dialogue:

Click = big

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Free Is The Last Resort Of Bad Marketing

E-Book Giveaway Aims to Lift Sales

Digital publisher RosettaBooks LLC is giving away digital editions of five titles that have been turned into movies in a bid to jump start interest in them at a time when record numbers of e-books are available.

The quintet, which includes “The Graduate” and “Midnight Cowboy,” has been largely ignored by digital consumers, generating only marginal sales over the past decade. In April, cumulative sales of the books numbered an estimated 250 copies across all e-retailer websites.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Of course the sales were miserable!

Do you know when I first heard about these as eBooks?

When this giveaway began!

Where the hell was the marketing for them?

Did Rosetta even try to get any site to write about them?

“Books That Became Movies Now Available As eBooks” would have been a good pitch. (Someone else can now go do that post.)

Why the hell do I have to do all the work around here?

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QR Codes Get Major Press Coverage

Target: Customers on the Go: ‘Quick response’ codes aim to take advantage of the boom in smartphones

About eight months ago, the three-store chain started putting these “quick response” codes in its train ads. When customers scan the little squares with their smartphone cameras, a coffee menu pops up on their screens. Then they can order a cup of coffee on the train—and have it waiting when they arrive at one of Ethical Bean’s shops.

Business has doubled since then, says Chief Executive Lloyd Bernhardt. “We catch people who are on the go and don’t have a lot of time,” he says.

With smartphone use soaring, many small companies are turning to these quick-response, or QR, codes to connect with customers on the go. They’re placing the codes in ads, direct mail, in-store displays and product packaging, and using them to link to a host of features—discounts, websites and videos. And, like Ethical Bean, many companies say they’ve seen a big sales boost.

I’ve been showing QR Codes I’ve found in the real world.

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