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There’s Your Busy And Then There’s My Busy

Why Being Busy Is A Terrible Thing To Be

The reason busy is a failure is because it’s a non sustainable mechanism that encourages unhappiness. “Busy”, as I define it, is the state of having a loaded, pre-determined schedule that requires you be in a certain place or perform a certain action, mostly because that action must be satisfied to match the needs of another individual. This can be a meeting, this can be work, this can be a yoga class – anything that matches these “pre-determined” characteristics. When you’re busy, you have a schedule of must-fill actions throughout your day.


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Doctor Who: The Curse Of The Black Spot

WARNING: Spoiler-ish opinion ahead. Don’t pass –More– until you’ve seen it yourself.

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Matt Drudge Gets Stupid And Smug

Apparently he disbelieves.

Let me get a wider shot to show him where that Command Center actually was …

… I’ll even circle it in yellow for him!

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TV Series: King, Episodes 2 & 3

The trouble with seeing such rare excellence as The Shadow Line is that it tends to ruin my enjoyment of everything else.

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The Moon As A Privately-Funded Toy

Me in 2007: So, No Microsoft Moon After All!

When I had the idea, Microsoft was the dominant company, seemed untouchable, was shoving its snout into everything, and had a ton of money.

And now this, today: Startup Idea: Moonscribe – Draw user specified art on the surface of the moon using teleoperated robot.

I hate his idea. The Moon is not a toy.


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Providing A Necessary Answer

Over 1 Million People Wrote an eBook Last Year. What Are They Trying to Tell Us?

Answer: That they’re delusional, can’t fucking write, and should stop clogging the market for those who can.


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Digital Forensic SEALs

Source: 2.7 terabytes of data recovered from bin Laden compound

Digital forensic and evidence recovery specialists were part of the raid team — springing into action after the compound was secured. The team had to rapidly preserve everything, freezing everything on computers so that it didn’t get wiped out. The recovery specialists had to be particularly careful before they unplugged the computers not to trigger software programs designed to destroy hard drives or delete data that may have been installed by bin Laden’s people as protection.

“The trick was to get it out fast but to preserve everything, a source said, “for intelligence purposes first but also for evidence for possible prosecutions,” of terrorists.

Well, that answers a question I had.

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Gas Goes Up Another Four Cents

Photo taken today, Saturday May 7, 2011:

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That’s Cash-Only. Being robbed using plastic will cost $4.49 at the pump.

The Gas Price Chronicles here:

Gas Jumps Ten Cents
Gas Jumps Four Cents In Two Days
Gas Keeps Creeping Up
Gas Goes Up Yet Again
Gas Hits $4.13
Gas Prices Still Go Up
Gas Prices Break Through $4.00
Gas Prices Leap Upward In One Week
Gas Prices Creep Upward

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Radio Shack Is Craptab Central

Photo taken today, Saturday May 7, 2011:

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Hate Mom? Get her that Cruz Tablet. It’s the perfect thing to inflict on her.

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Freedom Tower Fills Fulton Street

Photo taken today, Saturday May 7, 2011:

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Walking west on Fulton Street toward the Freedom Tower.

Which they want us all now to call One World Trade Center.

Bugger that.

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