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Writing Technology Of 1920

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1922 Slap-Down Of A Writing Con Artist

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One Of The Sixteen Horseshoes Of The Apocalypse


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Twitter’s Out Of Control Spin Continues

Like a Headless Chicken

Oh it’s a long post that sometimes itself runs around like a headless chicken, but at least he too understands that Twitter is driving people away with its lack of focus.

Twitter might be the next Palm: They had the future in their hand and then just pissed it all away.

He doesn’t give suggestions.

Nor will I because, you know, fuck you, pay me. My days of freebie advice to highly-paid morons are long over. They don’t listen anyway, even when they do pay.

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Brian Clemens: Thriller Episode

Oh look what I found on YouTube!

Starring Michael Jayston and Helen Mirren!

Written by Brian Clemens.

Stay tuned after the closing credits of part 7 to see alternate titles made for it to make it a standalone movie.

Watch it before it disappears!

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Writer Brian Clemens

Interview de Brian Clemens, originally uploaded by Manticore.

A master.

Update: Video after the break!

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R.I.P. Writer Mark Shepherd

Obituary: Mark Shepherd

Author Mark Shepherd died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on May 24.

Wikipedia: Mark Shepherd (novelist)

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Gorgeous Cover For Derek Raymond


Derek Raymond tribute site

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Crown Publishing Gets Clever

Actually, I don’t know if it’s Crown that did this or the author, Jillian Michaels, but it’s under Crown’s Flickr account.

Apparently at a Barnes & Noble signing for her book, photos of Jillian with each reader were taken and then uploaded to Flickr.

Nice event souvenir. Other publishers should take note.

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Another Paper Fetishist Assimilated

A Book Lover Switches To The Kindle

It doesn’t require a bookshelf. Having moved about once a year in the last four years, I find my large book and especially DVD collection a burden.

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