Missing The Point Of Blake’s 7

Nigel Kneale

“I think the low point for me would be the very few bits I’ve seen of a thing called Blake’s 7 which I found paralytically awful. The dialogue/characterisation seemed to consist of a kind of childish squabbling”

That was its point! All those people put together under pressure, who wouldn’t have otherwise met, who otherwise wouldn’t want to be around one another, having to band together to fight for freedom (in most cases, just their own continued survival) — of course you’re going to get yelling and threats and backbiting and ugly emotions.

That’s what made — and still makes — that series a leap for televised SF (or space opera, if you insist). No one in it was a stalwart hero (Blake tried to be, which made him dull as hell, so that character got jettisoned from his own series!). They were just people.

Joss Whedon’s Firefly was nearly an American spin-off of it.

After the break, that right bastard, Avon! No Captain Kirk was he!

What a great series!


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One response to “Missing The Point Of Blake’s 7

  1. Loved Blake’s 7 as a teenager – Avon and Villa were great characters.

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