Chuwi V88 Battery Endurance Tests


An owner in China did a series of tests with his Chuwi V88. His model has 1GB of RAM (although that might not matter).

See the exciting results after the break.

Google English: Chi speed Pad the mini V88 endurance test live Posts (Update End)

The Google English is mostly comprehensible so I’ll just repost some of his first test and you can click through for the other two he did.

Test one: 720P local loop brightness 50% volume 30% of the headphones

The graph you can see the source of the film and volume brightness, 50% brightness to meet the normal daytime view, 30% of the plug headphones volume is also watching movies commonly used volume, another source of the film fuselage comes with two HD mp4 and an HD avi, copyed into two 720P rmvb format movies, high-definition film source relative to the generally low-resolution film source or more power, so daily use should not be lower than this time.

Click = big

Electricity consumption decreased from 100% to 13% took a total of 7 hours and 28 minutes, power drops steady speed, just the beginning of the rate of decline is slower, more accurate overall battery, and pictures we should find the first half of the time I forgot to turn off wifi the! Jiong good …… until the middle of viewing the power found only off, so this part of the additional increase in power consumption, suggesting that full turn off wifi, power is exhausted to the shutdown should be more than eight hours, as the small size portable Tablet PC, which has is very good battery life, 5000mah battery in the small quad-core board to play a role, the following is ready to enrich my knowledge continue to test WIFI video software life and entertainment complex life to be continued

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

That seems just spectacular to me. Neither the Ramos X10 nor the Onda V818 can match that.

What particularly excites me is that battery life should be excellent for my special use: Reading Google Books PDFs.

And Bonus! He did a long photo-filled post about unboxing the Chuwi V88!

Google English: Evaluation / disassemble to start unpacking Share Chi speed Pad Mini V88

And yes, the microSD card protrudes. Confirmed again.

And here’s that funky pointy edge:


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