Ramos Unveils Intel-Inside Tablets

As expected, Ramos unveiled four new tablets in their Intel-inside i-series.

Let’s get the disappointment out of the way first.

There is an i8 tablet — but it’s not an iPad Mini clone or a K-series-styled tablet.


In fact, they’re marketing it against the iPad Mini and all clones:


That’s just… weird.

It all becomes downright screwy because Ramos’ new i10 tablet is styled like their K-series:



Go figure that one out!

To make the injury worse, the i8 has just 1GB of RAM while all the other i-series tablets have 2GBs!

Click = big

I see nothing to interest me in that i8 tablet. It’s 16:9, only 1280 x 800, and the screen isn’t even as wide as the one on the LG G Pad 8.3. Plus, with just 1GB of RAM, if I was willing to settle for that, I’d go for the Teclast P89 Mini as an Intel-inside tablet, because it’s 4:3.

Keen to allay fears of Intel and Android compatibility problems, Ramos claims they have tested the Top 5,000 Android apps:


Since all of the icons above are for games, that doesn’t exactly make me confident about productivity apps — although it could be those are the ones that will run without problems, unlike games.

Ramos again stated its intention is to break away from the pack of other small manufacturers and to concentrate on quality. They also highlight how thirty-percent of their staff are dedicated to R&D — but how do you reconcile that to, um, “borrowing” the design of the HTC One for some of their tablets?

It also doesn’t help Ramos’ case when they tout what might be a fraudulent AnTuTu score for the A31s in their K1 tablet.

At any rate, 1Pad has brief overview coverage of the new tablets [Google English], IMP3Net — at post time here — has just a block of text [Google English], while PadHz offers both an overview [Google English] and comprehensive coverage of the Ramos event [Google English], and ZOL offers a special section about the event and tablets [Google English].

I’d still like to see Ramos offer a K-series-styled 7.85-inch screen tablet with either a Rockchip 3188 CPU or Intel Atom — with 2GBs of RAM. But that doesn’t look like it’s ever going to happen. Maybe HTC will finally crack and release such a tablet.

Update September 13 2013: IMP3Net now has coverage of the Ramos launch event with photos [Google English].

Update September 14 2013: PC Pop now has a slideshow with close-up photos of all the i-series tablets.

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3 responses to “Ramos Unveils Intel-Inside Tablets

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  2. Burs

    Regarding Android/Atom compatibility issues and the given screenshot, how did they test THD games on Ramos? :) Judging from the icons on the screenshot, there are at least 5 THD games listed. I know some of them are not Tegra exclusives, but I’m all sceptic about that compatibility thing. The hardware is powerful, but that doesn’t mean much if there’s no apps to run them on. I would say it’s a risky buy.

    • mikecane

      There have been Chinese forum comments about compatibility fears too but no one has produced a list of apps that *won’t* run yet, even with the Atom-based Teclast P89 Mini having been out for at least a month now. Don’t forget that Dell is producing Atom-based Android tablets in their new Venue line too — so it might be up to Americans and Europeans to produce such an incompatibility list.

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