Teclast X98 3G: Long Windows Demo Video


I found this on Youku and cross-posted it to YouTube. It’s a brand new video posted today. Looks like the fellow is a Teclast employee tasked with giving a demo of the Windows 8.1 upgrade. Look closely and you’ll see he’s checking off a list at the left side off-screen!

Some screensnap appetizers after the break followed by the full-course video.


Yes, it automatically rotates to Portrait just fine …


… and you can type that way too:


PDF demonstration — not Google Books — that got me all worked up because it’s snappy:


Oh yes. This is Photoshop:




As will be evident in the video, you won’t want to try that with your fingertips!


Demonstrating USB OnTheGo with a mouse:



I don’t know what “hub” means here but that sure is House of Cards:


And now the video:

Previously here:

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One response to “Teclast X98 3G: Long Windows Demo Video

  1. Svetozar Ganchev

    Watching the video my first thoughts were only ”wow, so smooth and liquid”, now it seems to me more appealing then Android. My faith in Android starts to fail…

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