Teclast Leaks New X98 Air 3G

Apple Day is over. Now for something exciting.

Via Weibo communiqué — which turns into nonsense in English.


So see the coverage at IMP3Net instead [Google Translate]. There’s not more information there, but at least it makes more sense.

This is good news for everyone who’s wanted an Air-style tablet using the Intel CPU (presumably) combined with 3G that adds GPS.


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6 responses to “Teclast Leaks New X98 Air 3G

  1. stroppirob

    I could be tempted if there was a Windows version and the GPS worked with that OS.

  2. Why do they say the screen is better if the 3g and air both have a 2048 × 1536 9.7 inch screen? By the way any news about a x89hd 3g?

  3. highwind

    Teclast X98 3G has the “old” non-IGZO screen (the same as in iPad4)
    Teclast X98 Air (aswell as the Onda V975I/W) has the newer LG IGZO Screen (the same as in iPad Air)

    Resolution is the same, but screen-/picturequality is more than just resolution (e.g. color depth, black level, etc.)

  4. John T

    Man, I should have bought a separate GPS instead of fixating on a tablet that supported navigation. Too late, now…X98 3G will be here, soon! Why did I think the screen was igzo when I ordered? :) Maybe I’ll give it to my nephew when the Tegra K1s become more common.

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