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CUBE Talk9X Custom ROM

Cube Talk 9X custom ROM provides root, more app memory and bug fixes

This is not something I’d normally post about because I have no interest in the tablet, but there are fans of it here, so…

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iLevon Cruelly Teases Everyone

It’s an open secret that Xiaomi is working on a phone with a MediaTek 6595 CPU to blunt the introduction of the similarly-CPUed Meizu MX4 (which, if Meizu’s claim is true, has gotten at least 7.7 million pre-orders).

iLevon — who works on the Xiaomi MIUI team — sent out a Weibo communiqué that is cruel in its possible specs and prices:


4G and those specs at US$245 tops?! This is a very, very cruel joke.

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Teclast X98 Air 3G: Windows Firmware Beta Release

As promised earlier, Teclast has released Windows 8.1 for the X98 Air 3G.

Weibo communiqué:


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Luftco L-Watch: iambillbil Functionality


iambillbil basically lists all the functions of the Luftco L-Watch [Google Translate].

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Why I Despise Windows Beyond XP

Just what the hell is this shit?!


Windows 7 will sometimes report no pictures in the Pictures folder — when in fact there’s well over a thousand in it!

Plus, sometimes what I see in a folder is not reflected in the file picker. New images socked away in Pictures don’t show up immediately in the file picker. WTF!

This never happened with Windows XP — and I’ve got thousands and thousands of photos on that old machine.

What the hell is this shit?!!?

I’ve Googled to no avail.

Anyone know what this ongoing problem is?

Same-day update: And Steven Troughton-Smith clued me into the Libraries change in Win 7 [it dates back to Vista!]. I now have it sorted out. Let’s see how it goes. Thanks!

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