Teclast Lists X98 Air 3G


Teclast X98 Air 3G, official specs (Chinese only)

Thanks to Vladimir Burnin in Comments.

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4 responses to “Teclast Lists X98 Air 3G

  1. I think I figured out Pompmall and the Onda re-sellers they don’t own any stock, they just order for you from tmall. I looked at the prices of warranty, shipping, shipping insurance and they all match those of tmall.

  2. John T

    What is GPS 4.0? And is it wrong of me to wish heating issues on this thing, to make me feel less badly about my incoming X98 3G w/ 30% less CPU power and non-IGZO screen?

  3. Carlos

    Execuse my english :-) I have order X98 air 3G form Banggood.com, in android version. I trying to find some description, how to get win 8.1 into. Can some body help? Where to find it?

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