New Info About The Hisense Vidaa Pad

I don’t know what this is …


… if it’s a skin over all of Android, that lowers this tablet’s value in my eyes.

Full specs:


And we have the first owner report from Jingdong:

Experience not a long time, the first time than the reference views workmanship, metal body, slim compared with the texture, the screen no doubt, the market has so much excellent display ten minutes time experience, workmanship, screen, WIFI, performance. . Satisfaction! System optimization, Hisense needs to be done!

Boldfaced added by me.

Ugh. Will Hisense commit to the tablet long enough to fully optimize it? And what about an Android 5.0 upgrade (which has to be funneled through platform supplier Rockchip)?

Two actual photos from that owner:



And they sold out the three thousand they had allotted for the 11/11 sale.



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