TV: The Shadow Line, Episode One

No spoilers ahead.


The Shadow Line is about a murder investigated by both sides of the line – cops and criminals – and the opposing methods they use to solve it. But the real line is the morality within each character and how far they will go before they cross it.

Sometimes TV can punch you in the gut.

This series did that to me in the opening episode.

I didn’t think I’d encounter something that’d surpass Forbrydelsen, but this does.

Grabbed me by the throat with the first episode.

I’ve never seen anything like this on TV. It’s extraordinary, from the haunting opening theme and visuals to the very tight rein held on everything by the writer/director, Hugo Blick. He’s set a precedent here that everyone is going to mimic.

You must see this.

Let’s have some credits now:


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6 responses to “TV: The Shadow Line, Episode One

  1. I’m 100% with you here. Extraordinary was the word. There were elements in the script of 1960s Harold Pinter. The way the gangsters talked. And Christopher Eccleston’s wife, weird and naturalistic at the same time.

    Totally gripping.

  2. Keishon

    I didn’t think I’d encounter something that’d surpass Forbrydelsen, but this does.

    High praise indeed.

  3. Jason

    Wow. The screencaps make me want to see this. The premise of the show vividly reminds me of Luther (another great detective show from the BBC that you should watch), and maybe this will satisfy me until Series 2 of Luther airs. Thanks, Mike!

    • mikecane

      I’ve never heard of that series. And the Wikipedia entry is sparse. It didn’t gain “sharing traction” over here, alas. Let me know when the second season begins so I can keep an eye out.

      EDIT: Ah, YouTube is better.

      That looks good!

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