Video: Insane HP Veer Test With 34 Open Apps!

I really expected the Veer to crap out at about 10 or even 12 Cards.

Instead he managed to get thirty-four open before the Veer complained!

And he could still play Angry Birds with everything open!

Can you imagine what a frikkin multitasking monster the HP TouchPad will be if this is what the dinky Veer can do?

Video after the break.



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3 responses to “Video: Insane HP Veer Test With 34 Open Apps!

  1. Synth

    But why did they debut a device with such a tiny screen and small memory footprint–only 6GB available–when the market clearly is going with larger, hi-res screens and much bigger memory? I just don’t see this phone being very interesting to most people now. Two or three years ago, it would have been great.

    • mikecane

      As they will like to say, “You are not the market.” But that doesn’t mean there *is* one for it. It’s way too small for me but I was impressed by the number of open Cards it could handle.

  2. Great device. In pocket size. If the price is okay… why not?

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