Pixel Qi Bombshell: Three Million Screens Shipped!

Charbax is a charmer. And he has a great relationship with Mary Lou Jepson of Pixel Qi. In the video after the break, he really gets her to talk — and we get an incredible look at the back of their booth, where their partner devices are displayed. The public usually doesn’t see this area.

Twin bombshells:

1) Pixel Qi has shipped three million units (why don’t we see them?!!?).

2) Jepson believes Pixel Qi will be “the dominant display technology in five years.”

What’s also interesting is right at the beginning. Outside, they compare an iPad to a Pixel Qi IR touch-enabled tablet. It’s no contest at all. And this is on a cloudy day!

That talk of a 9.7″ display with very high contrast and very wide viewing angles makes me wonder. Amazon? HP? Would Barnes & Noble make a NookColor Deluxe for magazines and children’s books?

Monitor ARM Devices for further Charbax updates.

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4 responses to “Pixel Qi Bombshell: Three Million Screens Shipped!

  1. James

    Charbax also had inside information on the Nexus One from Google that Google was going to practically give them away for $199 with a $100 rebate with free voice and SMS. All to be subsidized via advertising. Don’t believe everything you read.

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