KYOBO eReader: So. Damn. Slow.

Two more YouTube videos have appeared and it’s clear that when it comes to handling eBooks — the very reason for its existence! — the KYOBO eReader is not fast at all.

Just look at how many eBooks are tried and how very, very, verrrrrry long they take to load and open:

Here are some screensnaps.

I think this one makes clear these videos were shot in-store with for-sale units, not at the introductory event:

Some sort of strange notification or error message:

The Steve Jobs bio:

Accidental tap displays Options banner and what might be Jump To Chapter banner:

Spinning circle over displayed book, which is just inexcusably bad design:

As is clear in the video, this checkerboard pattern is not a placeholder for a building image, it’s an endpaper:

Icons of some of the pre-installed apps:

That social disease, Facebook:

Apparently book Samples are watermarked:

The KYOBO eBookstore:

Downloaded Sample:

Watermarking of Samples confirmed:

Bizarre transitions, as if the software wasn’t already bad enough:

I wonder which of these are ePub (allegedly) and which are PDFs:


A peek at the on-screen keyboard:

This is where it gets interesting. He’s entered a website URL:

And there’s the website:

It’s probably best that this device is limited to South Korea. The astonishingly-slow loading/opening times for eBooks would drive Americans — used to now much-speedier eInk devices — up the wall.

Steven Troughton-Smith said on Twitter that mobile software speed is due to using the GPU. It doesn’t look like the GPU is being used here at all. The device is unacceptably — scandalously — slow for a 1GHz Snapdragon.

Whoever intends to use this screen in America had better optimize the Android build and bundled software to use the hell out of the GPU. No one is going to go backwards in speed just for a sunlight-friendly screen.

Previously here:

First Video: Kyobo eReader With Mirasol Screen



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2 responses to “KYOBO eReader: So. Damn. Slow.

  1. D C

    Thanks for bursting my bubble! I was really excited to see this, until I saw your blog post.
    /me sad
    Seriously though, thanks for the post. I’m glad you let us know about this. Otherwise, I would have went out and bought one from their website.

    • mikecane

      I’d wait to see if they issue any software updates to speed it up. As it stands right now, that would irritate me more than make me want to use it. Also, January is CES. Let’s see if any American companies have something ready.

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