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1922: Crime Fiction Popular Then Too

Earlier this week Twitter was abuzz about an article by a snooty asshat in the UK Guardian who bleated about “downmarket” fiction being popular among eBook readers.

Someone show him this item from the February 15, 1922 issue of The Bookseller and Stationer:

Arthur B. Reeve Wikipedia entry

Several of his books are free at Google Books (click More Editions under each listing to root around for the still-free editions).


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Video: Writer Steve Mosby

The German publisher of Black Flowers visited to do a sleek trailer for his book.

i stared at that river for a good thirty minutes and, honestly, it was fucking freezing

Black Flowers [Amazon, Apple]

Previously here:

Now In American Kindle Store: Steve Mosby

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1922: Author Talk Via Wireless

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1922: How To Market Reading And Books, Part Two

Even though they ran the original article that criticized the way books and reading were being marketed, the next issue of The Bookseller and Stationer devoted its Editorial to shredding it!

Here we go, with that Editorial first and then the anonymous “Kicker” raging right back at them!

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