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A Copyright War In 1917

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There is missing material in the original. I did my best to at least align the two pieces.

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1915: Who Am I?

Another clipping from 1915’s The Square Deal:

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1915: The Human Factor

An excellent article from The Square Deal in 1915:

The Human Factor

By Fred H. Rindge, Jr.

MANY engineering graduates in the past have come from college knowing considerably more about mechanics than “humanics.” But during the last seven years the so-called industrial service movement has done much to offset this.

This movement had its beginning in the winter of 1907 and 1908 when a group of engineering students at the Sheffield Scientific School began the study of welfare activities and living and working conditions of employes with a view to rendering some useful service to the workmen of New Haven.

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1915: The Third Bookmobile

The Square Deal from 1915:

This one made it into Wikipedia too.

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1915: It Couldn’t Be Done

A poem published in a 1915 issue of The Square Deal, written by Edgar A. Guest:

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1915: Never Trust To Luck

This is an unsigned piece in a 1915 issue of The Square Deal:

Never Trust to Luck

He was a wise man who said in life as in all nature there are no rewards and no punishments, but only consequences. The law of cause and effect is operating everywhere and as surely in matters of apparent chance as in those of unmistakable certainty.

Luck is the fiction which the failures invented to explain the success of others. It has about as much to do with success as the color of a farmer’s hair has to do with the size of his hay crop.

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An Engineering Mystery From 1915

Update: See end of post for link to original patent.

As seen from prior posts where I’ve published rare writings from Napoleon Hill, and an article about a telegraph geek, it’s worthwhile to dig through old magazines at Google Books.

This morning I was looking through issues of The Square Deal from 1915 and came upon a very intriguing blurb.

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