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Playing Right Into The Hands Of Bezos

Now IndieCommerce — the feeble crutch supporting dying independent print booksellers — has announced it won’t offer print books published by Amazon.

This follows the lead of Barnes & Noble and others earlier.

And Jeff Bezos cackles with glee:



See, Bezos doesn’t have to grab everything. With this move, he makes certain Amazon has exclusivity due to everyone else’s refusal to carry.

Bookselling: Looking out for itself, not its customers. Again!


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The Seven Words That Will Kill Books

Who is buying e-readers? Not me, but paralegals, dietitians and iPod owners sure love ‘em

The infographic posted there has been popping up in my Twitterstream for a while but it’s only today and there that I finally looked at it.

And here are the seven deadly words that will kill books:


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