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Nook Touch 1.1 Rooting News For February 23, 2012

Note that these posts have moved on to Nook Touch with the 1.1 update. If your Nook Touch has a version prior to 1.1, see older posts in this series. It would be best to update to 1.1, however, if your Nook Touch has not yet been rooted.

Also see past posts in this series because I do not follow up on all threads mentioned in past posts. There are likely updates to many subjects.

There’s a lot of information after the break, but it’s really not as intimidating as it seems. Many people, by carefully following instructions, are happily using a Nook Touch turned into an Android tablet with an eInk screen.

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eInk Screen Demos From 2009

I’ve been going through over nine-hundred(!) YouTube Favorited videos. Several of them were interesting eInk demos of features we now take for granted here in 2012.

For example, here is a touchscreen eInk display from 2009:

They are other videos, after the break, one of which is from 2009 showing non-flashing page turns on an eInk screen!

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Occupy Wall Street: Gun Violence?

The Drudge Report obviously has difficulties with reading comprehension.


People reading that are going to wonder what the hell is going on.

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