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Nook Touch Macintosh Achieved?

November 8, 2011: Nook Touch Macintosh: An Impossible Dream?

I was doing some searches about that to see if there were any new developments and I came across this Comment:

Re: Mini vMac for Android

Post by Juror22 » 02 Jan 2012, 15:00

Running Mini vMac on my rooted Nook SImple Touch – thanks for the port to Android.

The eInk display has quite a bit of ghosting with the app, but it is still quite distinct and easy to read. Since redraws on the device cause the screen to flash (other apps can be unusable because of this) it is more than acceptable in its current non-flashing form. I have used a paint program and MS word, with the app’s keyboard. Not sure if it is useful, but it is VERY cool to run a system that old on a $99 eReader.

These were the issues that I encountered:

I had to use button savior to get the app menu (not the mac’s menu) to display, so that I could load a disk. (this may be normal for the Android version of this app, not sure…)

I really wish there were arrow keys on the apps keyboard, so that I could play Tetris. The inclusion of the command and other keys is appreciated.

It is REALLY hard to click on menu items, particularly the apple menu – it would be nice to be able to place the mac display in other locations on the Android screen, since I have the real estate.

Overall, I am very happy with the functionality of this port.

Thanks again

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

So someone claims to have done it.

But I’ve seen no YouTube videos, photos, or blog posts about it. And it’s never been mentioned at the XDA Developers forum.

I wonder how it would run now that the eInk can be set not to flicker?

Does anyone have more information?

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France’s Book Grab: Worse Than Google Books

France: All your books are belong to us

Last week France passed a law that permits the state to seize authors’ rights on books published before 2001.

France Guillotines Copyright

No burden of proof is to be laid on the publisher. This overturns the basic principle of copyright, under which the rights are assumed to remain with the author unless someone else can prove that the rights have been assigned to them or they hold an exclusive licence that has not terminated.

Google English: [Politics] unavailable Books: Pirates of the amendments to defend the authors!

“Waking up one morning, go online, see a publisher with whom one has cut ties 30 years [ago, now advertising and selling] your book, and learn that we can do anything about it, this is what awaits many contemporary authors of books with this law … And they call us pirates?” Said Marcel Baptiste, secretary of the Pirate Party.

This is an absolute outrage.

That any State would even dream of trying to do this is astonishing and beyond belief.

While writers are hamstrung left and right in opting-out, dig this: A publisher assigned by the State gets a ten-year exclusive license for an eBook edition and has up to three years to stall before issuing one! Three years!!

If this is not beaten down aggressively, there is no hope anywhere in the world for any of us.

Can you imagine the outrage in the tech world if France passed a similar law for software and tried to claim all rights, say, for pre-2001 editions of Windows or the pre-OS X Macintosh OS and all software that ran on them?


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Interster Episode One: New Fansub Version

A new fansubbed version of the first episode of this rare South African puppet series is now available on YouTube.

This one differs from the first in that the subs are superimposed by YouTube and are not part of the video file. So if DownloadHelper is used, the subs don’t come along for the ride.

But at least it can be watched by everyone with YouTube. Be sure to click on the CC icon for the subtitles.

The other version, with hard subs, seems to be still available for download. See this post: Interster Episode One: Proxima Clash.

By the way, at one time the available thirteen episodes were up on YouTube. But the person who put them there also got a bit enthusiastic and did Star Fleet too. That series triggered an aggressive DCMA takedown and the extermination of his entire YouTube account!

Previously here:

Interster: Fandub Voice Acting Call
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Finally: Interster!

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