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1915: The Father Of Radio Control

Unlike my last entry about Louis Rota — which inspired a lot of controversy — this time in an issue of 1915’s The Square Deal I’ve found a real engineer who is actually listed in Wikipedia and has a true pedigree.

John Hays Hammond, Jr. is known as “The Father of Radio Control” and here is 1915’s news of his deadly invention. Note that this is four years earlier than the first example listing that Wikipedia has for him.


It is told as a fact that John Hayes Hammond, Jr., has invented a torpedo so effective that Congress is likely to pay him three-quarters of a million dollars for it.

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1915: How Price Fixing Really Works

Another bit from the 1915 The Square Deal:

Juveniles and those who see themselves as “entitled” have a warped understanding of how prices come about and what pricing means.

In book publishing, the cartel of Agency Model pricing has done more damage to the eBook business, to publishing itself, and to the proper view of pricing, than probably anything else in the past.

Some naifs believe that $9.99 or $12.99 reflects what it “costs” to create one copy of an eBook.

They are wrong.

And those who won’t pay $9.99 or $12.99 are right.

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