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Suzuki Beane: The TV Pilot!

I remember being exposed to this book as a kid. And for ages it’s something I’d meant to look up on the Net but never got around to it.

Then tonight I tripped over this on YouTube and my jaw is still off its hinge:

Look at that pilot! There’s more intelligence, creativity, and style in it than in two TV shows I recently posted about! I’m convinced that if Suzuki Beane had gone to series, it would have changed history.

Someone must bring that book back into print — especially as an eBook.

Suzuki Beane wikipedia entry


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Site Of The Former Borders

That was Borders last year.

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Less Feeling, More Thinking!

Photos taken Saturday, February 11, 2012.

This made me do a double-take:

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Gas Jumps Ten Cents

Last weekend, February 11, 2012:

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