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TV: Endgame, Season Two?

Update: Search engines keep sending people to this post. This is the final word: TV’s Endgame: No Second Season.

More moves ahead for Hulu hit Endgame?

TV Feeds My Family has learned, however, that renewed interest in the show after a recent launch on the U.S.-based Internet streaming service Hulu has the producers seriously contemplating resurrecting the series.

Endgame was one of the shows flashed on giant screens at Hulu’s Television Critics Association press tour panel last month in Pasadena, Ca. Word is that the series ranked in the Top-10 of all shows streamed at Hulu after it premiered.

Hulu, a service that is geo-blocked from Canadian screens, offers thousands of TV shows from Fox, NBC, CBS and many other broadcasters. It would be ironic if a service Canadians can’t access winds up saving a Canadian series.

According to the source, if the series continues to trend on Hulu, a second season will be ordered. Credit was also extended to a persistent Save Endgame fan campaign which has collected thousands of signatures on Facebook and other social media sites.

Endgame‘s cancellation was unwarranted.

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