Pipo Changes Design Of Its Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone

Previously we had the founder of Pipo displaying this:


All square-cornered and not looking anything like an iPad Mini clone.

Well, forget that.

Today Pipo announced — via the usual Chinese sideways route of a forum post [Google Translate] and then Weibo — its true Retina-class iPad Mini clone and it looks like this:



And the preliminary non-X AnTuTu score:


It’s claimed that once Android has been optimized, that score might exceed 40,000. We’ll see.

What’s interesting about this Pipo P8 over the iFive Mini 4 — they have similar specs — is that the P8 has a Huawei UltraStick slot for hooking into cellular networks! Since the UltraStick contains the cell radios, it just might be possible to purchase one that works with American cell networks. Theoretically, it would also be possible to get a 4G UltraStick — but such a beast doesn’t yet exist.

Anyone who’s been thinking of the iFive Mini 4 might want to reconsider that decision.

No release date has yet been set for the Pipo P8 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on sale about the same time as the iFive Mini 4.

Previously here:

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4 responses to “Pipo Changes Design Of Its Retina-Class iPad Mini Clone

  1. Jonathan

    Its a shame they don’t dare to be more original with their design. Although the rounded Apple mini design does work well.
    Great Antutu score; almost made me wonder if I did the right thing buying the ifive mini3gs. But I have a hunch that the rk3288 models are still a bit away as mass production of the rk3288 start next month.

    @Mike Cane, do you plan to buy the Pipo p8 or ifive4 when its available?

    • mikecane

      I understand why they might have gone with the “traditional” rounded-corner shape: To use existing iPad Mini cases.

      The P8 or Mini 4 are top of my list to buy, pending what first reviews and buyers have to say about both of them.

  2. kiddy

    hey Mike, did you buy the P8 by now? and if not, may those interested know why?

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