Microsoft Wants Windows In Your Damn Face

There are lots and lots and lots and lots more small Windows tablets on the way.

People were wondering how the 9.7-inch Teclast X98 3G and Onda V975i were able to do Windows upgrades when Microsoft announced that only tablets with nine-inch or smaller screens could have Windows 8.1 royalty-free.

Well it turns out that Microsoft let them do that — apparently as a test to gauge reaction — and now Microsoft has made this change official.


All tablets priced below US$250 can have Windows 8.1 with Bing royalty-free [Google Translate].

If you thought there were too many Windows tablets out of China as it is, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

This might not end well. At one time, everyone except the dead and buried announced they’d release an eInk-based eBook reader. The market couldn’t support them and it collapsed to basically the Kindle.

And let’s not forget all the companies that brought out crappy Android tablets — and then died. (They also took retailers to their grave too!)

I think many Chinese companies are going to collapse betting on Windows tablets. It’s going to be interesting to see who the final survivors are. They’re the ones that will break out to international markets.

Same-day update: For those wondering, US$250 is 1,552 yuan. Microsoft knew what it was doing, choosing US$250 as the cut-off point. The Xioami MiPad, a premium Android tablet, is 1,499 yuan — US$241 — and that’s considered expensive by Chinese standards. So yeah, most Chinese tablets will slot into the below-US$250 level.

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6 responses to “Microsoft Wants Windows In Your Damn Face

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  2. David E

    Chinavasion just sent me an email advertising their MeeGo Pad 10.1″ Windows 8.1 Pro retina tablet for ~$339. I noticed it was only a 30 day trial version of Windows. I assumed it was just too large to fit under the 9″ free Windows deal. Now it will also be too expensive to squeeze in under the $250 deal. It does come with a keyboard which adds to the price.

  3. scheblein

    So what’s the catch? Are these a good buy?

    • mikecane

      Which? Unless you can get them at in-China pricing, there’s little price difference between a Chinese 8-inch tablet and the ones from Dell and Lenovo when they have a sale price. The difficulty is in warranty — if you get a lemon, postage to China and back is expensive.

  4. Hey, been reading your blog for a while now, convinced me to get a v975i
    Gonna try the hardware mod today (got the insanely tiny resistors!).
    Do you know where I stand for the activation of windows when I install it?

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