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Heckuva Job, Frieden!

October 5:

October 23:


See: heck of a job


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Ebola Now In New York City

Bulletin just on NY1 News (local cable news station).

Doctor being held for evaluation in NYC has tested positive for Ebola.

And Ebola reaches New York City.

Why am I not surprised?

Hey, CDC, what do you say?


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Nobis Tablet Shows Up At Staples

Surprise, surprise!


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iFive MX2: Photos, First Review


The 5Fans forum has some beauty shots of the box and the tablet [Google Translate].

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Two New Tablets Coming From Vido

IMP3Net visited the offices of Vido and got a sneak peek of two tablets coming next month [Google Translate]:


And that’s all we know. If I could read Chinese, I’d be able to tell if these were Android or Windows tablets.


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iPad Air 2: 60,000-Range AnTuTu!

Whoa. Weibo communiqué:


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CUBE Activates Office 365 At Factory

Weibo communiqué:


Microsoft Office 365 will now be activated and be made ready by CUBE at the factory. Apparently the activation process was causing problems for customers of the iWORK 7 and iWORK 8.

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Tim Cook Q&A In China


This bit floored me:


The interview is here [Google Translate].

The other bit of news is that Apple intends to increase the number of Apple Stores there from fifteen to forty in the next two years.

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Tech Can Be A Pain In The Neck

Weibo communiqué:


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Lei Jun + Mark Zuckerberg

And why did he learn Chinese?

Weibo communiqué:


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