More About The Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Tablets

IMP3Net has the longest coverage [Google Translate]. Most of it reiterates what Teclast sent out over Weibo.

ZOL has shorter coverage [Google Translate].

PadNews doesn’t even try [Google Translate].

Teclast lists the dual-system X98 Air II at their site. At post time, the specs (second tab) were incorrect, displaying those of the new T98 4G tablet.

After the break, the key Weibos in which Teclast explains the dual-system tablets.











And this is their key selling point Weibo:


With just 2GBs of RAM, this is hardly a “business-class” tablet, even for small businesses. I should know. I’m using a notebook with just 2GBs of RAM and trying to cover China with two browsers open, a folder window open, and a paint program open is sometimes sheer hell, with lots of writes to disk. And if I try to keep multiple Chinese tech site tabs open at once while doing it, everything falls off a cliff and dies.

Their key selling point should be to regular people who are undecided about which tablet — Android or Windows — to buy. Now they can in effect buy both.

And the specs Weibo:




The only difference is that one includes 3G and GPS.

And the price Weibo:


Finally, sales availability Weibo:


I can’t help but be intrigued by this. But let’s wait and see what the reality is when reviewers get their hands on it — and, most importantly, actual users write about it in the IMP3Net forum.

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10 responses to “More About The Teclast Dual-Boot X98 Tablets

  1. Shadowcek

    Is it possible they actually succeeded? I mean if both android and windows are as fast as on single OS X98s, I can promise I will give it a try,

  2. Ah I love it how the photoshop their tablet over the surface pro images. Wtf, it doesn’t even have a kickstand or type cover haha…

  3. wugooey

    any info on whether or not they will make the dual boot available to those who already bought the tablet?

  4. fran

    I love this keyboard same as Surface. They sell it?

  5. baoboa

    there is [kvmgt]( or xengt too developed by intel for gpu virtualization which could allow switching between the host and the vm on the same graphic unit. It was the technology behind [console OS](

  6. Uncleabubear

    This was what I wanted when I bought my X98 Air. Looks like I have to buy another tablet..

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