Still Underwater


Notebook still unresponsive.

No new posts possible.

And seriously, Doctor Who, To Be Continued?!

With all this buildup to The Doctor “dying,” it’d better mean this is Capaldi’s final season.

Previously here:

Totally Lost Day



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3 responses to “Still Underwater

  1. Doctor Who carse if it is bad, it is good

    Awesome, with some extra awesome thrown in to make it even more awesome. Heck Mike, how can you not like this stuff? The acting is more wooden than the sets and the plots have more holes than a Swiss cheese but wooooo it is just so good. Giving my age away but I was one of those kids in the 60s who hid behind the Settee when the Daleks came on the TV. Man, Saturday evenings were the highlight of the week.

  2. Robert Jasiek

    Mike, we are all curious: what happened and how have you solved the trouble?

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