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Nano Fondle: Kobo WiFi Reader

I set out to accomplish two things today at Borders — if they were willing! — fondle both the Cruz Tablet and the new Kobo WiFi Reader.

Borders obliged only on the second. They didn’t have the Cruz Tablet yet (Best Buy did).

And here’s the Kobo WiFi:

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Nano Fondle: Aldiko Android eBook Reader

I’ve written a lot about Aldiko, but never had a chance to use it until today. It was already installed on the Archos 7 Home Tablet at Best Buy:

It also had a sample eBook in it!

The A7HT has a resistive touchscreen, which is really a kind of misery to use with the scrolling Settings menus of Aldiko. Plus, the security band across the screen kept getting in the way.

All I can say is that I look forward to using that software on an Archos 70 Internet Tablet with its fully-capacitive screen! And if you have an Android device, it’s the eBook software to get.

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Nano Fondle: Sony Reader Daily Touch

As detailed in the prior post, Best Buy upgraded its eBook section, moved it to another area and also enlarged it.

The Sony display has been upgraded with working models of the Sony Reader Daily Touch and Pocket Touch.

Since I’ve already fondled the new Pocket and Touch, I went straight to the heart of the new Daily: its fully-functioning (but WiFi-only) web browser.

Here’s this blog:

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Best Buy’s New eBook Area

Since I last posted about it, the Best Buy in lower Manhattan (near Apple Store Soho) moved its eBook area and also enlarged it.

They’re now carrying the Kindle DXG too. Plus, the Sony display has finally been upgraded and has working demo models of both the Pocket Touch and the Daily Touch.

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Above: Three in a row: The must-avoid Sharper Image Literati, the must-avoid Pandigital Novel, and the should-avoid Barnes & Noble Nook.

Below: Nook, Kindle, and then Sony displays.

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They also have a ton of accessories, including replacement Nook batteries(!).

You can try out the Nook and Sony devices. The Kindles and Literati are in demo loops. The Pandigital Model is a non-functional dummy (which, I think, closely approximates the actual device anyway).

Oddly, the Cruz Reader is off with the Android tablets — the Cruz Tablet and Archos 7 Home Tablet — and not with the eBook devices.

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Nano Fondle: Cruz Tablet

I expected to see this at Borders today but instead ran into it at Best Buy.

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