The “This Will Make Me That” Syndrome

I’m Addicted to Infomercials

But there’s also a lesson that the lost money has taught me: There is no quick fix; I can’t buy different habits — at least not in a store or over the phone.

I am paying for therapy now, the last frontier in my quest for a change. I’ve learned that isn’t a quick-fix, either. I’m paying $200 a month, and there’s nothing to show for it. No stuff. No products. No promises.

Good god.

I’m not singling out her, but she’s an excellent example.

There are people out there who think if they buy something, their lives will be magically transformed.

“If I buy real art supplies, I’ll be a real artist” — instead of a rotten amateur without talent or hope for gaining any. “If I buy an iPad, I’ll finally read more books” — um, no.

If I can just buy this then I can be or do that.

People like her need this: When Limits Strengthen


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2 responses to “The “This Will Make Me That” Syndrome

  1. The modern human ape wants to do things fast and with no effort – like a toddler demanding instant gratification. How far we have fallen since we lived on the African Savannah, hunting, gathering, making plans, struggling and surviving on our wits. A once glorious species… ;-)

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