9 responses to “Meaning And Nothing And Everything

  1. The end of “thingness”… the end of the tangible and rise of the truly virtual…the end result would have to be virtual reality that creates near-tangible “thingness.” But at what cost? The loss of the human soul.

    As to hackers, or FB, or whatever, being able to destroy our current virtual worlds…well, one way to reclaim our electronic realities is to run everything on our own computers. Email back to POP3. Websites back to HTML/CSS build using text editors on our systems. Photos on Flash, etc, etc. Controlling our data rather than handing it to others for “safekeeping.”

    • mikecane

      I can’t have every tweet I ever created. People who post FB photos can’t extract them with all the links made to them. We are creating a mess.

      • I fully agree. I know you gave up on Opera. But it does allow people to store all their photos, music and other stuff on their computers, while allowing outside access by others, friends, or whoever. The idea is you have total control. I suppose your computer becomes a server, bit slow, though.

        Also, systems like WordPress.ORG mean you have control.

        Maybe find alternatives to Twitter and FB and post them?

        In the end, it’s best to set an Orgone gun/buster on the Cloud and dissipate it… ;-)

      • mikecane

        Opera has crashed on me while just sitting there doing nothing. I had to use it yesterday to move over some Speed Dials and it went tits-up like that.

  2. I agree this is a growing mess that few people appreciate. I wish I had the answer because it’s something that worries me, except when I try not to think about it (which is most of the time, really).

    By the way, is that really a photo from Flight Club? It looks like a picture from an IKEA catalog to me!

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