Kindle Free eBook Madness

Click = big

KND Kindle Free Book Alert, Wednesday, May 11: BULLETIN – OVER 200 BRAND NEW FREEBIES TODAY! plus … Discover Robyn Bradley’s Forgotten April (Today’s Sponsor)

Oh my god.

There is a lot of sludge there.

You will soon become tired of scrolling through the listings and probably miss the two you should get. So I am pointing them out:

Concrete Underground by Moxie Mezcal

The Penal Colony by Richard Herley

Of separate interest:

The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons by Napoleon Hill

Worth investigating are several books by Thomas Hoover that all look to be eBook reprints of what was formerly published in mainstream print:

The Samurai Strategy
Life Blood
Zen Culture
The Moghul
The Zen Experience

I haven’t peeked at them yet. But if the OCR wasn’t screwed up, at least these will have been properly edited and done by a writer who has been published by others.

Most of the rest probably aren’t worth even the 1-Click it takes to get them.

Previously here:

How Amazon pWned Me With Kindle Books


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2 responses to “Kindle Free eBook Madness

  1. Thanks, Mike! I’m not sure why they made Penal Colony free today (was formerly a heady $1.00) — they say they’ve found it being given away somewhere but haven’t yet answered my inquiry as to where.

  2. kitten

    haven’t made it all the way through the list. I was going ton tell you about Moxie’s book and I got the Hoover books. Fortunately, if there is crap I don’t feel guilty for getting it and ignoring it, because there may be something good.

    I just wish time was as free as some of my kindle collection.

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